India is a land of vast geography, rich culture and heritage. And so are the infinite varieties of Indian sweets. Any occasion in India has to start with Sweets.Taazataaza brings you widest variety of Indian sweets. Our gourmet includes Dharwad Peda, Attrreyapuram Pootharekulu also known as Paper Sweets, Kaju Sweets, Punjabi Sweets, Gujrati Sweets, Gokak Karadant, Nagpur Sona Rolls, Kakinada Kajja, Ooty Chocolates and many more regional delicacies. We offer you the best experience for your online sweet shopping.

  • Akhrot Bite
    Akhrot Bite

  • Anjir Dryfruit Katli
    Anjir Dryfruit Katli

  • Sweets Online Badam Katli
    Badam Katli

  • Choco Bite
    Choco Bite

  • Date Excellence
    Date Excellence

  • Dryfruit Bite
    Dryfruit Bite

  • Fig Fieasta
    Fig Fieasta

  • Kaju Anjir Roll
    Kaju Anjir Roll

  • Kaju Pista Roll
    Kaju Pista Roll

  • Kesar Kaju Katli
    Kesar Kaju Katli

  • Pista Bite
    Pista Bite

    Pista Bite


  • Sandwich Katli
    Sandwich Katli

  • Sing Chikki
    Sing Chikki

  • Special Kaju Mix Mithai
    Special Kaju Mix Mithai

  • Strawberry Bite
    Strawberry Bite