Image Guidelines To Vendors

Image Name

Image name can be an extension of SKU ID. For example, if there is only one image for a product bearing SKU ID as AB314566S, the primary image name must be named as AB314566S.jpg. If there are more than one images for the same product, they can be named as AB314566S.jpg, AB314566S_1.jpg, AB314566S_2.jpg, etc. Primary image will always be the first one.


Height must be atleast 400 pixels and Width must be atleast 400 pixels.


Good and quality photos make an important statement to the customer and can leave a lasting impression on the product. This is the most important reflection of your product that represents the product to customer and can fetch you orders. So do not compromise on this and this is only once if all goes well until further notice. The images should have at least 2 real megapixels, for example, 800 × 800. Image size should be within 1 MB, not use too strong compression, foreground and without distracting objects at the background .

Type of images acceptable

JPG, PNG, BITMAP, GIF are acceptable.
-Image should be a low JPEG compression level
­ -Low JPEG quality settings in camera or when saving
-­Visible JPEG artifacts

Important things to understand before preparing images:

Represent to reflect quantity first

1. Primary image need to represent the total no. of products of that particular SKU. For example if that SKU has one product, only one product must be displayed in first image, if it has two products it must have 2 products (one showing complete image and second one displayed behind if both are of same variant). Both images must clearly show the change in variation between them).

2. Secondary and rest of the images can show in different angles if required depending upon the category of the product. This can help buyer to decide about the product.

3. If primary image is showing 5 or more in numbers and has no space to show the complete image of the product, then provide the second image showing the complete image of the products.

Position, Background and Visibility

4. Position the product at the centre of the image to achieve better visibility.

5. Image must cover at least 80% of the product to ensure maximum visibility.

6. Background of all table top formats must be pure White, no border and no watermarks. Images with distorting background, with border and with brand/trade mark watermarks will not be accepted and will be rejected.

7. Ratio of Product Dimension displayed need to be maintained and not be disturbed during compression.

8. Do not allow shadows to fall on the product and hide the details of the product.

9. Avoid flash on the product that can reduce the details on the product.

10. Let the images be crisp, neat with good resolution and not be blur.

11. Avoid showing additional products along with the main product if they are not part of the selling product.

12. We insist on Lifestyle images wherever possible, so that the customer can make a uniform decision about buying the product.

13. List different variants of product seperately.

14. Always mention in Disclaimer that ‘’Images may look close or vary to the actual product depending upon individual’s monitor display settings.