TAAZATAAZA is a fresh disruptive call for the already new e-commerce marketplaces. We want to bring nothing between a producer and a consumer. Our goal is to create a seamless interface between a producer and a consumer and enrich his/her buying experience.TAAZATAAZA is a marketplace which sells directly from the manufacturer/producer to the customer, we provide listing, payment processing, logistics and after sales services, from time to time we also promote listed products on various websites on the internet. In short we provide end-to-end marketplace services and relieve manufacturers/producers of the overheads of selling online so that they can provide their undivided focus on making products.

How it works

Join with us as an Affiliate,the process is simple to become an Affiliate on taaztaaza you just need to register as an Affiliate, once registration is done you can generate Special Link for any of the product, category and vendor shop page.Affiliates can share the generated Special Link in their blogs and social networks, if customers follows the special link and purchase the product on taazataaza Affiliate will be getting the respective commissions set for the particular products, category or the general commission. Affiliate can track his referals & conversions from affiliate account. Whenever a conversion is made through referral link It will be reflected in Affiliate panel. Affiliater can access the overview of these conversions on the Dashboard section and have a detailed analysis.

Affiliate Guidelines

To view or download affiliate guidelines CLICK HERE